Past & Present Research

The IAC conducts both formal and informal research on psychic experiences and phenomena. An example of research that has been published in the Journal of Conscientiology is the experiments that were conducted during IAC’s course called the “Projective Field” in which
a researcher (a parapsychologist unaffiliated with the IAC) monitors a locked room in which a random image is displayed on a computer monitor.  In another room, experimenters try to project and see remotely what the image is on the computer monitor.

Future research for IAC will include a journal system that categorizes and catalogues multidimensional experiences of various practitioners. The journal system will be a major advance in the direction of a mature science of consciousness, in which there is cross-validation and verification of experiences across numerous people. This project will help make information on psychic experiences more democratic and accessible.

Projective Field – Experimental Research Project into Out-of-Body Experience

Projectarium Project

OBE Survey

Self-Experimentation facilitated by an energy field

Preliminary publication of ongoing research projects