PENTA (Personal ENergetic TAsk) in Practice: a Multiexperiential and Multidimensional Approach

Penta is an assistantial transmission of energy performed while in the waking state, directed to in-need non-physical consciousnesses who are intangible and invisible to ordinary human vision. Performing Penta is a mega-challenge for the practitioner.

This daily technique  is the most effective one identified to date for assisting others and keeping us connected with the extraphysical helpers and our evolutionary precedence (the non-physical community in which we prepared for our current physical life).

There is now a relatively significant number of people either performing Penta or interested in performing it. Frequently there is a lack of understanding of the multiple facets involved in the technique, however, despite its apparent simplicity, it actually involves substantial complexities in extraphysical and physical terms.

The instructors address the subject in a dynamic manner, detailing and explaining the technical aspects of the technique. They also share their personal experiences with Penta, discussing the idiosyncrasies and diversity of perceptions experienced by different Penta practitioners.

Instructors: Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato
IAC Office: Portugal, IAC Campus
Duration: 5 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish