PENTA Manual

Penta (Personal ENergetic TAsk) is an advanced means of providing energetic assistance that is undertaken by individuals who are experienced at working with energy and have robust energetic self-defense and a certain threshold level of parapsychism. Practitioners of penta establish a committed routine of performing energy transmissions for one hour at the same time every day. The transmissions are optimized via a technical semi-mediumship process that is installed around the practitioner, who performs their practice alone in a room with the door closed. The Penta technique allows individuals to perform a lifetime of highly evolved assistance, executed in partnership with lucid non-physical helpers (spirit guides).

Author: Waldo Vieira, MD
152 pages, 5½” X 8¼”, soft cover.
Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.


The Penta Manual presents and discusses Penta in detail. It provides step-by-step instructions on how, when, where and why to perform this leading-edge and little-known, assistantial process. It also gives information to help people confirm whether they are ready to take on the enormous challenge of establishing and maintaining the practice of Penta.


Benefits of Penta:


  • Promote de-intrusion (interruption of negative influence by ill non-physical consciousnesses)
  • Help “earth-bound spirits” to disconnect from the physical dimension and complete their transition into non-physical dimensions
  • Provide remote assistance to living persons
  • Develop the penta practitioner’s maturity and energetic capacity.