Projections of the Consciousness

Projection allows one to replace belief with knowledge. To believe in the accounts is secondary. What is important is to accept the possibility of extraphysical events. Ideally the interested person should have his or her own experiences.

Author: Waldo Vieira, MD
240 pages, 5½” X 8¼”, soft cover.
Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.


With candid realism, Projections of the Consciousness recounts 60 of the author’s most illuminating out-of-body experiences (OBEs, astral projections) from a six-month period in 1979. The unparalleled diversity and richness of the experiences in this volume offer a rare insight into what awaits us beyond the physical dimension. Vieira’s experiences include visits to non-physical educational communities, assistance to those who have recently passed away, encounters with highly evolved consciousnesses, and even a total expansion of consciousness (cosmoconsciousness, nirvana).


The author’s sincerity and objectivity stand out as hallmarks of this book, as does the quality of his analysis and conclusions. Each chapter is packed with invaluable tips, insights, and recommendations that will help motivated readers produce lucid, controlled experiences: indeed this is one of the book’s core objectives.

Now in its third edition in English and its seventh in the original Portuguese, this work remains as important today as it was when first published, and is one of the classics in the genre. The book’s initial publication marked a new phase in the life of the author, during which he launched two new fields to investigate consciousness beyond the physicalist worldview: projectiology and conscientiology. As a testament to the book’s significance, today fourteen organizations exist globally whose purpose is centered on deepening humanity’s understanding and application of those two new fields.

This edition features a complete revision of the translation and a new foreword by Wagner Alegretti, author of Retrocognitions. It also includes a full glossary of technical terms, to help interested readers initiate a more serious, scientific study of the subject.