Projectiophobia: Overcoming the Fear of the Non-physical World

Projectiophobia refers to the fear of having out-of-body experiences or perceiving non-physical beings or subtle dimensions. It is one of the most common factors that hinder parapsychic development, and in turn slows down spiritual evolution.

Many people block their paranormal senses, either consciously or unconsciously for various reasons. This process can be due to past life traumas or even to traumas and fears related to this life. Sometimes people consciously repress their paranormal senses as they may have experienced specific types of paranormal phenomena that they simply can’t make sense of. On the other hand, many people are scared of such perceptions but don’t really know why. All they know is that they feel a sense of uneasiness, even danger. This situation is usually the result of misconceptions and disinformation.

This course will contextualize projectiophobia, bringing to light the historical basis and emotional processes involved, and empowering the person to dismantle it. It will allow participants to replace fear with knowledge.

Besides clarifying widespread misconceptions and discussing any apprehensions that one may have, the course will also cover aspects such as:

  • Practical tips, techniques and exercises to deal with projectiophobia
  • Related phobias, such as tanatophobia (the fear of death) and neophobia (the fear of the unknown)
  • Information and tools to identify the internal processes that have given rise to projectiophobia, leading participants to control and overcome it
  • Clarification on how conquering projectiophobia will instill in us the motivation and strength to face other challenges in our lives, challenges that require of us an equally firm and bold attitude

The course is recommended to anyone who is ready to gain control over their fears and take the next step in their personal evolution.

Overcoming projectiophobia is a goal that any of us can achieve!

Instructor: Analaura Trivellato Author Bio 

Duration: 3 hrs

IAC Office: United Kingdom