The main objective of the Projective Field workshop is to provide a physical and extraphysical environment that facilitates and optimizes the experience of conscious astral projections (OBEs). Also, the course provides the condition for verification of the participant’s OBEs.

These optimizations are based on three factors.
1) The extraphysical condition, a special field of energy that acts as a catalyst for non-physical perceptions. This field is generated in the presence of an energizer-epicenter, who ensures that the energetic field is optimized for projective attempts. The quality of energies that constitutes this energetic field, are produced by the energosoma (holochakra, energy body) and ectoplasm of the epicenter, which allows for:

• A clearer perception of and interaction with extraphysical helpers who assist in the projective process
• A unique group energetic defense environment, providing greater relaxation and increased predisposition to project
• Greater awareness of the non-physical dimension, facilitating conscious projection
• Easier disconnection from the physical body
• Higher energy intensification and looseness of the energetic body

2) The environmental atmosphere of this workshop will be dedicated to the out-of-body experience. This includes activities held in between the practical OOBE segments, topics discussed, videos presented, and the physical decor of the room. Basically, every detail that assists you in focusing your attention on the extraphysical reality will be considered.

3) The physiological and physical details of the weekend are designed to provide each participant with every possible measure to optimize the chances for successful OBEs. These details are based on years of research and past experience in defining those conditions that foster the most efficient projections. Some of these considerations are sleep time, break time, food intake, room temperature, etc; factors, which when properly balanced, enhance the opportunity for success.

Instructors: Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti