Waking Physical Immobility Laboratory (Immobilitarium)

IAC’s Waking Physical Immobility laboratory (Immobilitarium) was inaugurated in April 2005.  In this laboratory, the researcher applies a technique of self-control that requires them to remain completely immobile, yet awake, for three hours, eventually even resisting the urge to swallow or blink. The exercise provides an opportunity for self-confrontation for the purpose of:

  • Improving perceptions of energies and the non-physical dimension
  • Facilitating lucid projections (out-of-body experiences, astral projection)
  • Identifying new energetic sensations and signals
  • Amplifying self-knowledge
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Improving concentration and willpower

In being predisposed to three hours of immobility the researcher is provided with an opportunity to:

  • Appreciate that he or she is much more than the physical body and that the body is just one of several vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness
  • Evaluate the level of control that they as a consciousness have over their physical body
  • Recognise the usefulness and immediate benefits of controlling the physical body through the application of one’s strong will

While experimenting in the laboratory at the IAC campus offers the ideal conditions for this type of self-investigation, you can also usually book an experimental session of this type at your local IAC educational center.