Studying Out-of-Body Experience Through the Results of a Survey Research


This course introduces the OBE research that is currently being conducted by the IAC. This research is based on a public survey designed to help further elucidate the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience.

The authors of the research will expose the results to date, using those findings to discuss in detail the facets involved in this phenomenon, including:

  • how the OBE starts for most individuals,
  • what types of experience it is possible to have,
  • what personal factors influence the OBE,
  • what phenomena individuals are able to produce outside the body,
  • consequences of having OBEs,
  • differences between extracorporeal experiences of women and men,
  • how awareness is developed in the OBE,
  • positive and unbalanced related occurrences,
  • what are the most common techniques,
  • the projective recess or cessation of having OBEs,
  • and many other aspects related to non-physical experiences.

The Course consists of a deep study of the Out-of-Body Experience, as it considers every step and aspect of this phenomenon. Brand bew findings will be revealed, based on information provided by individuals from 62 different countries.

Instructors and Researcgers: Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato
IAC Office: London, United Kingdom
Duration: 5 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish