“…The experience and knowledge acquired with the CDP courses enriched my life in a way that no traditional school could ever do. These courses address techniques for leaving the body in a controlled way, using our energies, and knowing the consciousness, among others…” Click here to read more

– Student, USA

“I appreciated the professionalism and integrity of the course instructors and enjoyed sharing the experience with the other participants. The course left me in a state of elevated awareness. It was an enriching and uplifting experience.”

– Student, Switzerland

“The CDP has been a real eye-opener for me. Not only did I learn how the subtle energetic body, bioenergies and consciousness function, but also how to apply useful techniques in order to initiate and prolong an out-of-body state…” click here to read more

– Student, Germany

“I entered the IAC courses out of curiosity, not knowing they would have such a life altering effect on me. Despite the mind-blowing information, everything I was told made complete sense. I had a profound intuïtive feeling that this was the truth about life that I had been looking for.
Two weeks after I took the first CDP module, I had my first OBE: it shook my world! Since then my life has changed in almost every aspect. I feel inspired and spiritually guided on this new journey through life.”

– Student, The Netherlands

“I am still applying alot of what I have learned in the CDP. I have become more conscious of how I use my time. I feel my life has a purpose – I am here to learn and evolve. My relationship with myself has improved greatly and my psychic abilities are improving too. The dedication, commitment, and professionalism of the IAC staff is inspiring.”

– Student, Sweden

“…it was the first time that I have encountered a rational and scientific approach to topics such as evolution of the consciousness and out-of-body experience (…) With the help of the exercises that I have learned during the CDP courses I was able to have my first conscious projection provoked at will…” Click here to read more

– Student, USA

“…While I was practicing with the energy work during the class, I could actually perceive the energy flow and feel that my body was purified. In addition, I could understand and actually feel that my awareness expanded through the learning of how to produce and use the OBE. I also learned how to communicate with non-physical consciousnesses, and the way to heal physical and non-physical people who need assistance.”

– Student, Japan

“Just could not wait to tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar, it was such a profound experience. You left some very impressive memories of your speeches and thoughts with me, and I consider myself fortunate to have come across your path.”

– Student, Switzerland

“I found it quite amazing that using the simple energy techniques taught, such as the exteriorization and absorption of energy, I could feel such big change inside of me… After the course, I continued to practice the techniques I learned from the class, and it helped me to refresh my mind and body, and the state of relaxation is lasting.”

– Student, Japan

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