Transportation To & From Campus

The following information gives you instructions and a guide to follow when planning your arrival and to the campus and departure from the campus.  Note that this applies to international visitors who are arriving at the Lisbon airport.
From the Lisbon airport to the campus:
When getting form the airport in Lisbom to the IAC research campus in Estremoz, you have two options as follows, the most common being the first:
By Bus/Taxi:
1.     Arrive at the Lisbon Airport
2.    From the airport take either A. the AeroBus Line 3 to the Sete Rios Bus Station or B. a taxi to the Sete Rios Bus Station.  A taxi will likely cost slightly more but is generally more convenient given their immediate availability.
3.     At the bus station you will see a line of buses, some departing, some arriving.  Go to the main ticket window in the back open area and purchase a one-way or two-way ticket (two-way in case you plan to return the same way) to Estremoz.
4.     Wait for bus to depart, then board the RedExpressos bus.  You will have one stop before you arrive and get off at Estremoz.  The entire bus ride from the station to Estremoz is roughly 2 hours in duration.
5.     At the Estremoz bus station you can walk over to a taxi and then have the taxi take you to the IAC Research Campus.  You can tell them “Hernande De Marmaleda, IAC Campus” and they will know what you are referring to and bring you there.  The drive is about 10-15 minutes.
By Car Rental:
1.     Rent a car at the Lisbon airport and drive directly to the Campus.
2.     Click here for details for driving:
From the Campus to the Lisbon Airport
1.     When departing from the campus it is advised you use the same transportation as that which you used when arriving to the campus (see above).
2.     Be sure to have enough time to make your flight.  Given some international flights leaving Lisbon leave in the morning, you may want to stay overnight in Lisbon the night before your departure so you can comfortably get to the airport the next morning rather then leaving very early from Estremoz, the day of your flight (remmber it is about 2 hours from Estremoz to Lisbon).
Campus Address & Contact Information:

Herdade da Marmeleira EN 18, km. 236 – Cx. Postal 06
Evoramonte, Estremoz , 7100-500 Portugal

38º 47’ 37.9” N, 7º 41’ 11.1” W


+351 268 959 148
+351 918 797 924

+351 268 950 053