You and Your Level of Assistantiality


This course helps the student to understand assistential work more deeply, through the study and comprehension of the following points:

•Whom do we assist?
• What is the type of assistance I perform?
• What is assistance?
• What is our current level of assistance?
• Why should we assist?
• How ready are we to do assistance?

Assistance is one of the activities that catalyzes evolution more. The basic difference between more evolved consciousnesses and us is the level (quantity and quality) of assistance they perform.
Having a better comprehension of our helpers will allow us to assist other consciousnesses more, and to better understand our relationship with the helpers. Assistance is the breaking of the millenary habit of asking only for ourselves; meaning, it is a direct indication of our consciential evolutionary level.

Main Topics:
• Assistance in the different bodies (holosoma)
• Consolation Task and Clarification Task
• Understanding Helpers or Guides
• Assistantial attitudes and postures
• What is my level of assistantiality?
• Discovering and understanding our personal energetic signals in order to assist better
• Reaching the Intrusion-free condition through assistance

Instructor: Luis Minero Author Bio – Luis Minero
Duration: 6 hours 
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German
Pre-requisites: None