Zoo and Phyto Consciousnesses

The “Soul” and Psychic Abilities of Plants and Animals

Whether humans have psychic abilities and survive death, have a “soul,” or reincarnate are common subjects of interest and debate. How about plants and animals, including our pets?

This course introduces scientific and anecdotal evidence that plants and animals are part of the same continuum of spiritual evolution as humans, and are more than the mortal, biological systems. 

From psychic pet experiments to sensing the biofield of trees to re-encounters with pets after their death, we see how plants and animals, like us, are more than meets the eye.

Main topics:
  • Plants and animals are vehicles of manifestation (somas) for pre-human consciousness in the same process of evolution as us.
  • Plants and animals have multi-dimensional, multi-existentialexistences
  • Plants and animals display psi capacities, but to different degrees

Prerequisite: none.

Instructor: Nelson Abreu