Consciousness Development Program

Astral Travel and Evolution

The most comprehensive course about astral travel, energy healing, and consciousness evolution.

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Energo Fitness

Unblock your chakras

Give your energy body and your chakras a regular workout to keep them in shape.

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- What is astral projection - How to do Out-of-Body Experiences - Benefits of astral projection

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Take the first step into the multidimensional reality

The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) is the most comprehensive workshop to help you understand who you are beyond the physical body. You will learn and practice how to have an out-of-body experience with control and lucidity, develop your psychic potential and a deep understanding of our evolution as conscious beings.

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IAC Research Campus

The IAC is a pioneer in consciousness technology and experimental laboratories. the IAC Research Campus, nestled in a region of exceptional natural beauty in Portugal, offers visitors the opportunity to try some of the most groundbreaking labs in the field of multidimensional consciousness studies. Try the world’s first Virtual Reality Out-of-Body Experience training lab, or the first Vibroacoustic table to learn how to achieve the vibrational state at will.

IAC Research Campus
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Who we are?

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization with educational centers in several countries, as well as a research campus in Portugal.