Person flying over a city (Astral Projection)

Astral Projection can be a daunting experience. This is inevitable, especially when there are countless myths, fear-based superstitions and erroneous misconceptions attributed to this phenomenon.  It is safe to astral project; however, knowledge about the experience helps you to navigate through it. In a way, by referring to it as a “phenomenon” or, more specifically, a “paranormal phenomenon”, we inadvertently generate a sense of enigmatic mystery around the occurrence itself.

In the past, given the rigid and even punishable circumstances around these topics, it made sense to behold astral travel as something esoteric. Fortunately, we now live in times when enough official research has been conducted leading to a more realistic and natural way of seeing this event. Instead of it being of a paranormal nature, we can embrace it for what it truly is, a natural human process.

Person flying over a town (Astral Projection)If you are interested in experiencing Astral Projection, here’s a list of 10 tips to help you do it safely:


The ability to astral project, or to have an out-of-body experience (OBE), is something the “average” person can achieve. One does not have to be a perfect being, handle energy like a master, lead a perfect life, move away to a cave or a mountain, follow a specific diet, etc. This is not a gift for only few to hold. If you wish to project and you have genuine interest, you can do it. Maintaining a positive mindset will keep your energetic space clear of ill intentions or ill-willed interference.  Having the correct perspective and being confident from the start will help a lot.


We are not alone. There are very well-intentioned beings who are invested in our growth and progress. Throughout time they’ve had many names, spirit guides, helpers, angels, masters, extraphysical mentors, etc.  We can rely on them for guidance and wisdom. We can request their help in whatever area we need even when trying to leave the body.  It is comforting to know that their wisdom, perspective and high levels of ethics are well beyond our own. Therefore, we can be confident of their existence and willingness to help. Knowing we have their support motivates us to go further with confidence.

Astral projection, Lucid dream



When attempting to have an astral projection, our racing mind must be subdued. Our thoughts must be cleared out enough to focus on what we want to accomplish. If our mind is filled with day to day concerns it will interfere with our process. A noisy mind will keep us very affixed to this dimension. If there is doubt, fear, hesitation, this will prevent us from relaxing.  Deep breathing, is one of the many strategies which can help quieting down those distracting thoughts.


We are complex emotional beings, no way around that. However, when it comes to projecting, it’s not about the emotion itself, rather how we react to it. In order to have an OBE, our emotions must be somewhat balanced. While projected, if we become too emotional, this will interrupt our experience.  It is a good idea to analyze our emotional reactions: Overall, how do I handle emotions on a daily basis? Do I get angry often? Am I constantly depressed?  Do I scare easily?  Am I elated for small things? Do I consider myself mostly emotionally balanced or am I on an emotional rollercoaster constantly? Our emotional state has a direct effect on our energetic state and vice-versa.

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All living beings have an energetic component and it plays a major role in our ability to have an astral projection.  This system must also have a certain level of balance before we can go beyond our physical body. As mentioned before, our emotions can affect our energetic condition. If emotionally we are constantly going through peaks and valleys, this will be reflected in our energies as well. Our daily mental state and personality affect this system, as well as interactions with people, places, ideas, thoughts and intentions. By constantly observing our energetic interactions, mental and emotional states, we can modify ourselves enough to gradually reach the desired balance.

  1. NO FEAR

As mentioned before, OBE’s have had an erroneously bad reputation for a long time. So, it is only natural to be hesitant when diving into it all. There is a fear of not coming back or someone else taking over our body while we are projected.   Research shows that leaving the physical body is as safe as going to sleep every night. In fact, our astral body (the one used when projecting) naturally disengages from the physical body whenever we fall asleep. In essence, we can say that we project every night! We are leaving our physical body every night and clearly no one has taken over it. We leave it each night and come back to it without a problem. With these conclusions we can set fear aside. No fear means we can relax further and reach the desired energetic states to project.

Astral Projection, Lucid Dream



The power of evocation is a very subtle yet strong one. Our thoughts/intentions can be like fine threads which, if constantly generated, can end up weaving a powerful net strong enough to evoke and ultimately attract whatever it is we are contemplating. If someone is trying to induce an astral projection but they are overtaken with fear and hesitation, they will ultimately end up evoking that same type of energy.  The same will happen if the person wants to project and has ill-will or not the best intentions in mind.  On the other hand, if the person is confident and has a healthy, ethical intention or mere curiosity, his/her thoughts are neutral, then the results will be positive.


Many hesitate attempting an OBE fearing they may encounter ill-intentioned beings while projected.  The best way to address this concern is to think of the type of beings currently in this dimension. Are we all good? All bad? All well intentioned?  All evil?  No, there is a variety of complex personalities and yet we decide who we associate with.  The same goes for the non-physical beings in other dimensions. For the most part, the beings inhabiting most non-physical dimensions are the very same ones who lived in this one. Therefore, when we project our internal core will naturally gravitate toward those places with beings whom we “fit” in most. In other words, the degree of our internal ethical intentions, will organically determine the places we can travel to and the beings we encounter.  Nothing is left to chance, however, once we gain more awareness, we will have more control as to where we go and who we interact with.

  1. A GOAL

Whenever attempting to leave the body it is highly recommended to have a goal. What do you want to do while in an astral projection? Who do you want to see?  Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience? Etc.  A clear vision of what you want is very helpful to set the energetic wheels in motion. If you have many things you’d like to do, stick to one at a time. The goals set should also be ethical and well intentioned. Be sure to create a short phrase to briefly yet clearly set your goal. Write it down, keep it visible or close to you when trying out a technique, this way you can easily reflect on it.


What is the energetic environment like in our home? What is it in our bedroom (or the room where we want to practice projecting)? Our personality, the way we think, our emotional states, our decorations and material accumulations, naturally generate an energetic imprint in these spaces.  Be vigilant of your state of mind when you’re at home, try to be as neutral/balanced as possible. Evaluate your decorations, sometimes certain items can evoke unwanted presences or energies. Physically organize and clean out your space, too much clutter stagnates the proper flow of energy. If natural light can come in to the space during the day, even better. We want our space to be clean both physically and energetically so we feel relaxed and confident to go beyond the body.


Consciousness Development ProgramRecommendation:  If you would like to know more about strategies and techniques on how to Astral project, look up the IAC’s Consciousness Development Program (CDP). The CDP was designed to educate and train everyone on all matters related to Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs).


References: International Academy of Consciousness (2019). Syllabus of the CDP – Consciousness Development Program, online version, 2019.