IAC’s roots date back to 1981, with the founding of the Center for Continuous Consciousness (CCC) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The CCC conducted experimental consciousness research and periodically staged free conferences throughout Brazil.  Increased demand for these structured presentations offered by the CCC led to the founding, in January 1988, of the first Conscientiological organization. In 1994, conscientiology expanded internationally, mainly to North America and Europe, pioneered by personnel who are, to date, actively part of IAC’s staff.

That process of global expansion ultimately led to the establishment of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC).  The Academy was formally founded in 2000 to develop a research center, but that objective expanded in 2002 when IAC incorporated all of the conscientiological European and North American educational centers. This incorporation marked the official launch of IAC in its current form, as an organization focused on both research, with its European research center – the IAC Research and education Campus, via its educational centers worldwide. Today, IAC is a truly global organization with even broader objectives in education and research, as well as a permanent presence in five continents and several countries around the world.

The first president of IAC, Wagner Alegretti (2001-14), has remained a leading researcher in the field since 1982. He was a pivotal member of the CCC and a charter member of other conscientiological organizations. As such, in 1988 Alegretti was co-founder of the first organization to work with conscientiology, and was its director for 5 years. Together with Nanci Trivellato, he started the work to make conscientiology available to the international community. In addition to Alegretti and Trivellato, several founding and early members of the science remain involved in IAC today, resulting in many decades of collective and international experience in consciousness education.