Can you interact with “spirit guides” out-of-body?

In this blog post, IAC's Scientific Director, Nanci Trivellato, discusses what the out-of-body experience reveals about extracorporeal, more evolved consciousnesses we term Helpers, which some traditions may have called angels, ascended masters, or spirit guides. Far from the mystical caricatures of religious traditions, one can verify through direct contact via out-of-body experiences that these entities are just like us, except they are currently between physical lifetimes and they have attained certain evolutionary landmarks and characteristics we discuss in Module 2 through 5 of the Consciousness Development Program. For instance, extraphysical helpers have already achieved permanent, total intrusionlessness: another original concept of the neo-science conscientiology which is covered (and actively developed) in our training programs such as Goal: Intrusionlessness. To learn a little more about our research on the evolution of consciousness (spiritual development), you may also enjoy a synopsis of this fascinating subject by Trivellato.