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Connect with Self

Tap into group dynamics and a support system to advance your life plan and practices that take you beyond the boundaries of your body.

Connect with Others

Socialize with like-minded consciousness explorers and leaders with frequent, enjoyable activities.

Connect with Daily Life

Discuss everyday practical applications of spirituality, consciousness science and energy techniques.

Connect with the Planet

Explore culture, nature and current affairs under a multidimensional perspective, with fellow freethinkers and doers.

Connect with the community. Check the previous courses and get to know what happened. 

Our classes are recorded, which makes it very comfortable for you to watch the content at your own pace. 

We have great advantages in our monthly plan. Check them here. Keeping in touch with the community makes you take the most out of the course.

We thought of your specific needs. Through our Connect program you can watch isolated classes and fulfill your needs. 

Why IAC Connect

The program was designed to establish a community of open-minded, informed individuals from all over the world, who are linked by their spiritual interests and ethical approach. With this program, the IAC brings its first-class knowledge, methodology, know-how, and staff to promote continuous learning, heightened awareness, motivational exercises, integration of views and topics, and mutual support among like-minded people.

IAC Connect ​will help you expand your network, and give context to concepts of consciousness studies by showing how they connect and can be applied to everyday life. By better understanding the relevance of the practices and ideas, with community support, you may be more motivated to advance your practice and your life purpose!

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The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is a research and educational organization founded in 2000 to study the nature of being (consciousness, self) from a spiritual yet down-to-earth perspective. The Consciousness Development Program (CDP), IAC’s signature course, was created by IAC founders Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato and reflects more than 30 years of their experience in the field. The CDP has been offered in 28 countries since 1995.

The IAC hosts conferences, publishes an academic journal, conducts research, publishes books, and teaches a variety of specialized courses. The IAC’s purpose is to provide individuals with tools that may empower them to explore the transcendental and non-reductionist side of their lives, allowing for a broader vision of reality.

Our workshops include techniques to facilitate non-ordinary experiences that can bring out the best in people, increasing well-being, personal development, and clarity about their life purpose. Enhanced multidimensional awareness favors personal evolution, self-knowledge, insight, creativity, healthier relationships, ethics, altruism, and conscious leadership. We at IAC believe we can all find the inspiration and strength to make a difference, addressing the mindsets at the root of personal and social issues by experiencing firsthand the nonphysical, spiritual world.