IAC’s courses are a high-quality educational and developmental resources for any and all, imparting comprehensive theory and transformative practice for our students and practitioners.

What makes IAC different?

  • Clear-headed, coherent explanations – we approach consciousness and spiritual principles in a way that is rational, scientific, and ever-questioning. Our curriculum draws from diverse sources, and we continually update our models and terminology.
  • Experienced, fully-trained instructors – our instructors leverage a personal foundation of firsthand experience and dedicated training. Their ability to communicate and teach complex multidimensional concepts in an accessible way is truly world-class.
  • Tools for discovery – we specialize in techniques to personally discover and explore reality beyond the physical. These include leaving the body with lucidity, developing sensitivity and awareness with subtle energy, and exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Our courses are open to the public and require no prior training or experiences. We invite all interested individuals to get to know us at a Free Introductory Lecture.

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