Does My Child Have Psychic Abilities? Kids and Psychic Powers

Psychic abilities include seeing, hearing, perceiving, or sensing information from nonphysical sources.

Psychic abilities include seeing, hearing, perceiving, or sensing information from nonphysical sources. These abilities may result in seeing or communicating with loved ones who have already passed away, sensing or reporting information that will likely happen in the future, perceiving energies, or recalling a past life.

Psychic experiences are a normal part of life and like most talents, are more prominent in some individuals than others. However, if your child is showing signs of psychic abilities, they may feel alone or confused since the topic is often misunderstood. As a parent/guardian, learning more about these abilities will help you to create a safe and open environment for your child to develop into a healthy and well-adjusted adult.

How Do I Know if my Child is Psychic?

Psychic abilities vary from child to child and even from moment to moment. Determining whether your child is having a psychic experience can be challenging. Develop healthy critical reasoning skills with your child by helping them to process their observations. Ask them questions and listen to their answers without judging. In this fashion, you as the parent, will have a better understanding of where your child is coming from. Be open to the reality that your child may in fact be psychic but also cautious not to jump to conclusions.

There are also some easy and fun informal experiments which you can administer at home to determine if your child has certain types of psychic abilities. Some of these experiments are mentioned in more detail on the Rhine Educational Center website and deal with playing cards or M&Ms. However, these tests can’t account for all types of psychic abilities and tests results can vary based on your child’s mood and other factors. For most people, becoming familiar with the characteristics and signs of a psychic child is already enough to steer them in the right direction.

Signs of a Psychic Child

Children who are more psychically inclined may exhibit some or all of the following characteristics.

  1. Empathy: They may appear more empathic and show more care and concern for those around them. This occurs because the child is more tuned in with the thoughts, feelings, and energies of others around.
  2. Seeing Loved Ones (no longer living): The child may report perceiving or communicating with loved ones who have already passed away.
  3. Perception of Energy: Children who are more psychic are frequently more susceptible to influences from the energies of their environment. Therefore, the child may be more likely to experience ups and downs based on their surroundings. For example, the child may seem energetic and lively in one setting and then “out of commission” with fatigue or pain (from unknown sources) in another.
  4. Flying Dreams/Out-of-Body Experiences: The child may report having flying dreams and/or leaving their physical body. The child may wake up at night and notify you of perceiving nonphysical places or perceiving nonphysical people in their room.
  5. Past Life Memory: The child may report having a past life memory where they had another body, a different name, and a different family.
  6. Imaginary Friend: The child may engage in conversations alone with an imaginary friend for prolonged periods of time.

The above signs are helpful when used with other factors to determine if your child’s perceptions are more psychic in nature. Some signs above are not solely associated with psychic perceptions.

Working with Psychic Children​

Working with children who are more prone to psychic experiences requires understanding and maturity on the part of the adult. At home, try to help your child to understand their abilities in more detail and encourage them to discuss and share their experiences with you. Learn more about psychic abilities yourself through reading or attending classes from educational centers such as the IAC. Remember to also select activities for your children to participate in, both with and without other psychic children, so that they continue to grow up as well-rounded individuals.

Additionally, many psychic children would benefit from learning how to balance and control their energies. This ability will help them to voluntarily and temporarily turn off their ability to connect and feel what others around them are feeling; providing them with a greater sense of control. Organizations like the IAC have classes to help parents and older children to learn these techniques such as the Consciousness Development Program.

The key to dealing with psychic children is to understand that their experiences are a natural and a normal part of life. Try not to censor your child’s perceptions, while teaching them at the same time to respect that others may not have the same perceptions. Remember that your child, even if exhibiting psychic abilities, is still a child and needs guidance, love, and a supportive and capable parent.

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