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Consciousness Development Program


From 3 to 9 May 2020 POSTPONED due to COVID-19,  date TBC

The International Academy of Consciousness invites you to

a unique 1-week all-inclusive retreat at its natural Campus in Portugal (near Lisbon).

This event will provide you with the latest cutting-edge information, practical techniques and experimental labs to facilitate astral travel (out-of-body experience) and unblock your chakras.

You will meet people who are into the same endeavour of living their lives with ethics and awareness of the invisible — yet real — nonphysical world and gaining control over their psychic perceptions, energy, and astral projections.

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The Consciousness Development Programme is the IAC’s signature course, and for this retreat it includes over 40 hours of classes (theory and practice) to provide you with the tools you need to fully understand the nature of the consciousness outside the physical reality.

Your will also expand your grasp on energy and chakras while you enjoy advanced energy exercises, new astral projection techniques, and scan the energy of the pleasant natural surroundings, increasing your chances of having conscious astral projections.

Where it will take place

The IAC Campus is a center dedicated to research and self-research nestled among over 1,500 trees, mainly native cork and oak trees, spread over 250 km2 (61,77 acres) in the bucolic Alentejo region of Portugal (just a 1.5 hour drive from Lisbon).

A key feature of the Campus is its innovative, leading-edge consciential laboratories, which are sophisticated, carefully designed and planned structures to facilitate specific parapsychic phenomena and multidimensional awareness.

The unique combination of optimized physical infrastructure and a specially cultivated energy field, results in the ideal environment for:

Individuals wishing to have parapsychic experiences and increasing their self-awareness (especially via the specialized labs)
Individuals looking forward to enjoy the calm, pristine, and energetically positive environment to dive into themselves
Major scientific conferences, as well as educational activities



All theory and practice classes of the Consciousness Development Program (the first five classes are available on-demand on our online platform, and you have to complete them before coming to the Campus).

Expanding your ability to have an out-of-body experience through guided exercises to help you understand the stages of an OBE, and practice new techniques to leave the body.

Cleansing of your own chakras through guided energy exercises, taking advantage of the favourable energy field of the IAC Campus.

Enhancing your energetic sensitivity by interacting with the energies of the natural surroundings.

Relaxing in a popcorn session, a lighthearted activity where we will watch a movie, which will allow for deep discussions facilitated by an IAC instructor.

Experience the specialised labs which increase your chances of having a conscious out-of-body experience, and also an expansion of consciousness, or feeling your energies and those of the trees around you (one lab included in the cost of the course).

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One-of-a-kind Labs!

The Projectarium is a completely spherical construction with a 4.5-meter (15-feet) radius dedicated to the production of conscious out-of-body experiences. You are strategically positioned at the center of the sphere, allowing for greater expansion of your energy field.

The Cosmolab is a 4-meter radius semi-spherical construction dedicated to facilitating expansion of the consciousness (cosmoconsciousness) and mental projections.

The Immobilitarium is a semi-spherical construction aimed at bringing the right conditions to increase energy sensitivity, multidimensional awareness, and control over one’s body.

The Phytolab is a ‘tree house’ built into a majestic cork oak tree. It is powered by photovoltaic panels to avoid cables and electromagnetic interference. It was designed to promote the experience connection with nature’s energy, especially those that emanate from plants and trees.