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Learn About Your Evolution as a Consciousness

Train to have an Out-of-Body Experience

Work with Subtle Energies

Explore and Transform Your Multidimensional Life


This course comprises our core curriculum: the Consciousness Development Program, or CDP. The CDP is a 40-hour program designed to provide participants with relevant, practical tools and information for developing multidimensional self-awareness, holistic maturity, and a more fulfilling spiritual life. One key aspect of the CDP is teaching students to leave the body with control, so that they can take advantage of all the information and benefit that comes with this ability. The CDP has received international acclaim as a transformative and beneficial program in the lives of participants. IAC’s didactic method is based on self-control. The course aims to teach not only the process and techniques for leaving the body, but also all of its positive effects, in order for the participant to achieve greater awareness and spiritual development. Some of the benefits and main topics of the CDP, among many others, are: • Understanding non-physical dimensions or realities • Having direct practical experiences in the spiritual planes • Studying the non-physical bodies and their features • Contacting our spirit guides and learning their characteristics • Practicing over a dozen OBE techniques • Development of paranormal abilities • Losing the fear of death • Getting information about our life purpose (or task) • Using OBEs as a tool for assisting others • Psychic awareness and energetic protection • Multiple or extraphysical (astral) dimensions


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Topics by Module
The Consciousness Development Program is divided up so that each module covers a particular set of themes, listed in the table below.
10 hours (8 theoretical and 2 practical)• Research on the out-of-body experience (OBE, astral projection) • The OBE in history • Non-physical bodies • Bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energy, orgone), chakras, aura • Synchronicity • Factors that facilitate the OBE • OBE take-off & landing sensations • Characteristics of the nonphysical dimensions • Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development
10 hours (5 theoretical and 5 practical)• Altered states of consciousness • Paranormal phenomena – types and causes • Psychic perceptions • Interaction with and identification of non-physical beings • Psychic self-defense • Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development and awareness • Application of OBE techniques
10 hours (5 theoretical and 5 practical)• Projections in the mental body • Cosmoconsciousness (nirvana, samadhi, cosmic consciousness) • Lucidity – increasing our awareness • Types of intelligence • Integral maturity • Cosmoethics (multidimensional ethics) • Self-analysis and personal evolution • Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development • Application of OBE techniques
10 hours (5 theoretical and 5 practical)• Karma and past lives • Existential program (life purpose) • Techniques for accelerating our evolution • The period between lives • Key milestones in the process of personal evolution • Characteristics of highly evolved consciousnesses • Application of techniques for energetic and psychic development • Application of OBE techniques
Practical classes
Consistent with the importance that the IAC places on verification through experience, the CDP has many practical classes in addition to theoretical ones. Special emphasis is given to the out-of-body experience (OBE) as a tool for personal growth, as it facilitates first-hand experience of the invisible non-physical world surrounding us. This in turn gives us a broader perspective for understanding not just paranormal phenomena, but ultimately the entire process of personal or conscious evolution (evolution of consciousness). Great emphasis is also placed on developing mastery with energy. Having energetic ability increases our perceptiveness, it helps develop our psychic abilities, and it allows us to have greater emotional balance, physical health, and mental clarity. The CDP includes: • 6 sessions in which students aim to induce lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs) • 16 sessions in which students are trained to mobilize and control their energies


Contact Us to Learn More
Curious? Questions? Want to learn more? Reach out to IAC Florida directly, and we can answer any questions and give you a better overview of the program, how it works, and the benefits it offers. Call or e-mail us at (305) 668-4668 or florida@iacworld.org
There are no pre-requisites. The CDP can be taken by any student interested in learning more about his or her multidimensional reality.
Full Program (Members): $410 – Register Here Full Program (Non-Members): $440 – Register Here