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EnergoFitness – Developing Psychic Reading

July 21 @ 18:00 - 19:30 GMT

Developing Psychic Reading

EnergoFitness Session: Developing Psychic Reading

Dive into the world of psychometry, an innate ability to perceive the energy imprints within objects or spaces that we often overlook. Our workshop is designed to unveil techniques, provide valuable insights, and offer hands-on practices to enhance your psychometric skills. Look out for an email guiding you on how to prepare for this session.



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About EnergoFitness series:

Learn how to control your subtle energy:

  • Find out how to be aware of your vital energy (chi, ki, prana)
  • Enhance your vitality, well-being and overall health
  • Improve the energetic balance in your daily life
  • Clean your aura
  • Develop and unblock your chakras
  • Achieve greater psychic self-defence
  • Train energy actions such as cleanse the energies of your house, perform healing, practice clairvoyance, increase of your energetic strength, do your psychic self-defense, and others

Perceiving your subtle energy will allow you to achieve a greater understanding of yourself and your transcendental spiritual nature.

Each EnergoFitness session trains a specific aspect of your energy body. In the Initial Session (available on-demand, online) you will focus on the control of your general energy and as you progress you will have the opportunity to exercise your energy in the Thematic Sessions with more specific dynamics that will come subsequently.

When you register for EnergoFitness, you will get access to two free on-demand video lessons, and the Initial Session, all of which are a prerequisite and, therefore, have to be completed before this Thematic Session.



An instructor will guide you through a series of foundational exercises, increasing in complexity and control until you achieve the mobilization of energy by applying techniques for the oscillation, absorption, and emission of energy.

In each session, you will practice different exercises of increasing complexity as you progress through the program. You will be able to work out your energy body, just like in the gym, and get in shape, with more control and sensitivity.

The EnergoFitness sessions will also help you develop your sensitivity, identify any polluting external energy influence, and protect yourself energetically.


July 21
18:00 - 19:30
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International Academy of Consciousness
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