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Join and participate in our talk about an event of our current time, according to the news. This activity focuses on the analysis of news and events from a multidimensional, energetic and / or ethical point of view. 7 PM London 2 PM New York 11 AM Los Angeles

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Moderator: Wagner Alegretti Wagner Alegretti is an electronic engineer and a conscious projector since childhood. He is the author of the book Retrocognitions: Memories of Past Life Experiences. He is dedicated to the study of out-of-body experience and consciousness for almost 35 years. He is co-founder of IAC, of which he was president for 14 years. He currently serves as Scientific Director of IAC. Wagner conducts research on bioenergy detection. He presented his scientific experiments in international conferences and in his TEDx talk (https://youtu.be/Kr85BurAW_k).