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Interdimensional Energy Field Retreat

IAC’s Interdimensional Field Course is the newest addition to our weekend retreat immersion offerings. IAC field courses take place in the New York/New Jersey area once every three years. This year, it will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Princeton, New Jersey, October 20 – 22, 2017. RSVP now with a deposit to reserve your space! Pay in full now for the lowest rates. Advanced 2 retakers, enjoy this course for For those of you ready to take advanced 2, this could be the perfect course for you as it bring the same energetic benefits w new dynamics. About the Course In this brand new workshop, designed and facilitated by the most experienced senior instructors of the IAC, a vast amount of experience is put together, combining the best strategies for energy boosting and extraphysical (multidimensional) cleansing. Such strategies include techniques and activities from other IAC field courses (energy immersion courses) and training, especially the CDP-Advanced 2. The main purpose of this 3-day weekend immersion workshop is to raise the participants’ awareness of subtler dimensions by giving them practical instructions on how to develop their capacity to sense and control energy and by providing them with multiple opportunities to experiment with these skills. Bioenergy awareness and mastery are key to consciously experiencing our multidimensional reality. No Pre-requisites  Course activities were selected and will be presented in a way that makes it possible for all interested students to participate. Therefore, this 3-day workshop is open to both new students and graduates of the CDP Advanced 1, as activities of the workshop provide benefits for multiple levels of experience. Previous theoretical knowledge or energetic and psychic experiences are not required.

Featured Class Activities

  • Class on foundations of consciousness study and energy understanding, perception and control, including optimizations to promote the development of the whole course.
  • Initial energetic unblocking, conducted through practical energy work performed directly by the two senior instructors.
  • Interdimensional Field 1 – further and deeper energetic assistance, with the more direct participation of extraphysical mentors aiming at revitalization, energy corrections, de-intrusion, and enhancement of the connections between the brain and the more subtle bodies.
  • Interdimensional Field 2 – development of clairvoyance and subtle sensing and scanning of extraphysical energies and realities.
  • Participant discussion sessions – for particpants to share their experiences and sensations and receive attention and feedback from senior instructors, deepening their understanding of interdimensional processes.
  • Energy workout – participants are taught how to work with their own energy, empowering them to improve and manage their own energy body, thus avoiding dependence on others to perform energetic techniques for them.
Pricing By August 31st: Sharing $649/ Single $749 After August 31st: Sharing $699/ Single $799
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