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Energetic Self-Defence at the IAC Campus Hi there, Registrations are now open for “Goal: Intrusionlessness” – a one-week intensive course on the mechanisms of intrusion (a form of energetic attack), and how to defend yourself against it, at the IAC Campus in Portugal. You will receive private one-to-one sessions with veteran instructors Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti, who will perform energetic evaluations to identify which aspects of your psychic condition you should work on next. When: Saturday 27 January to Sunday 4 February 2018 Where: IAC Campus (Portugal) Language: English (every two years – the next one will be in 2020) REGISTER NOW This course presents an unprecedented opportunity to deeply understand the factors that may speed up our progress to become intrusion-free (free from intrusion). It takes into account and tackles a variety of challenges, including: mental postures, emotional patterns, nonphysical helpers or mentors (spirit guides), intruders, specific approaches to psychic and energetic development, and other related topics. FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE