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Description: This talk takes issue with basing musical intonation on “auspicious” numbers (such as 256 or 432). These numbers are based on ‘vibrations-per-second’ (hertz). Our contention is that structuring our intonation on hertz only is expecting phenomenal reality to conform to our particular “ruler” (in this case, what a “second” is). Instead, what we are playing with is basing intonation on an existing phenomenon by taking our cues from light rather than hertz.

We’ll talk about some basic principles of vibration, from Pythagoras to Helmholtz, and we’ll even see where Newton got something wrong… (hint, everything is not in the key of C). Most importantly, beyond all this theory, we will make some music on instruments tuned to light and hear how it all looks.

Time: 11am Los Angeles, 2pm New York, 7pm London.

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Moderator: Scott Hackleman.