+34 (93) 232-8008
+34 (93) 232-8008

C/Ausias Marc, 49 5º 30
Barcelona 08010
41° 23′ 31.0812″ N, 2° 10′ 32.6208″ E


The educational activities conducted by the IAC worldwide offer a combination of theoretical and practical training. These activities include the complete range of the human experience, giving participants the opportunity to enrich and go deeper into their understanding of life.

Using a practical approach, non mystical and non dogmatic, the subjects taught include psychic abilities, paranormal phenomena, personal energetic control, out- of- body experience, consciential evolution and other related topics.

Since the IAC was established in 2000, we have had offices in Barcelona; we have also given courses and conferences in other provinces, like Zaragoza and San Sebastián (Basque Country).

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