IAC invites you to observe International Day of Peace

"The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) would like to join the United Nations in celebrating the International Day of Peace on September 21st, as the concept and practice of Peace itself through assistance to oneself and others is a large part of our work. Ultimately, it is very unlikely to achieve World peace without each of us finding our way to inner peace first."

Martin Azambuya
IAC Director of Communications & Community Relations

Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDP supports Peace One Day 

"This day is an interesting reminder that an individual's existential program or 'life mission' can be polykarmic or have universalistic breadth; that it all starts with an idea, insight or principle, but that it takes perseverance to materialize our assistantial vision. In 1998, a British youth named Jeremy Gilley conceived the idea of a single day when all countries vowed not to wage war; a worldwide ceasefire and day of non-violence. With exemplary persistence through multiple disappointments and innate diplomacy, the documentary Peace One Day captures the story of how Gilley was eventually able to gain the support of important international figures. His efforts culminated in the support of two UN contingencies (the UK and Costa Rica) who sponsored a formal UN resolution in 2001 to establish this day on the 21st of September. How much assistance can be done in one day of ceasefire? We don't have to only imagine anymore."

Nelson Abreu
IAC California instructor

An Introduction to Peace One Day