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Herdade da Marmeleira EN 18, km. 236 – Cx. Postal 06
Evoramonte, Estremoz 7100-500
38° 47′ 37.8996″ N, 7° 41′ 11.1012″ W

Research Campus

The Research Campus is IAC’s most significant installation on the planet. It is nestled among 98,000 m2 (25 acres) of cork and oak tree groves near the town of Évoramonte, in the beautiful Alentejo region of Portugal. The center is a hub for those conducting consciousness research using traditional and multidimensional approaches, whether formal researchers or the general public.


A key feature of the complex is its innovative, leading-edge consciential laboratories, each designed to provide an ideal environment for self-experimentation and research on a specific theme. Self-experimentation engages the individual as the study’s subject matter, and also as its researcher, observing and analyzing their own psychic experiences.

Ideal Environment:

Overall, the campus provides a unique combination of optimized physical infrastructure and a specially cultivated energetic atmosphere or field, resulting in an ideal environment for:

  • Individuals wishing to have parapsychic experiences and increase their self-awareness (especially via the labs)
  • Major scientific symposia and conferences
  • Major educational events and workshops.

Sustainability – Project Oasis

The campus team has initiated Project Oasis, which aims at developing and caring for the campus’ natural environment and biodiversity, and developing the campus in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Building To Date

Already, the campus has the following infrastructure:

Going Forward

Over the coming years, the following constructions and additions are planned:

  • Lodge: accommodation for visitors and researchers
  • Restaurant
  • Library and Holo-archive: multimedia library and archives related to consciousness research
  • Support building: administrative centre, business centre, café, and reading centre
  • More than ten more laboratories
  • Condominiums on neighboring lots.
*Booking is necessary for visiting