Media Interviews

Media Interviews


Yunior Santana TV / Interview with Verónica Serrano 

with Yunior Santana

​Conciencia y Física Cuántica

Windows on the World / Interview with Analaura Trivellato

with The People's Voice

​Out-of-Body Experiences

The Out-of-Body Experience / Interview with Luis Minero

Video by Anthony Chene, Anthony Chene Production

Topics include:
Contacting Loved Ones while Outside of the Body
What Higher Dimensions Can Look Like
Benefits of OBEs & Importance of Our Physical Reality

The Path Series / interview with Luis Minero

with April Hannah and Michael Habernig

Topics include:
Proof: How do we know we had an Out-of-Body Experience?
Sharing an Out-of-Body Experience with someone else.

My Seven Chakras / Interview with Luis Minero

with Aditya Jaykumar

Topics include:
Using OBEs & Lucid Dreams to Explore Our Consciousness (#27, Nov 27)

Freedom For All Radio / Interview with Luis Minero

with Jennifer & Jim Ellis

Topics include:
Using OBEs to Access Possible Futures
Lives between Lives

See You On The Other Side / Interview with Luis Minero

with Mike Huberty

Topics include:
The Astral Body & Non-physical Dimensions
Benefits of OBEs

The Kovacs Perspective / Interview with Luis Minero

with Steve Kovacs

Topics include:
Visiting Loved Ones in an OBE
Consciousness Never Dies

A Fine Time for Healing / Interview with Luis Minero

with Randi G. Fine

Lucid Projections: Remembering an Out-of-Body Experience

Transcendental Radio / Interview with Luis Minero

with Mike Cavalli

Topics include:
OBEs & Non-physical Dimensions
Interacting with Evolved Non-physical Beings

Savino Veritas / Interview with Luis Minero

with Thomas Savino

Overcoming Fear During an Out-of-Body Experience

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  1. Jash June 9, 2016 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    How about the Soul?
    I am intersted to learn more about it.

  2. peggy December 27, 2016 at 5:38 pm - Reply

    I am 73 years old. Very youthful appearance and attitude. I feel one of the reasons is I had an out of the body experience in 1961. (due to a car accident) Before it was fashionable to accept that kind of experience. I also knew my first child would be born with only one hand. Something I knew even as a child. (of course, I picked the challenge before coming to this planet) I have been a student of metaphysical studies for at over 45 years. So many other stories I would like to share with the science community. I am a Reiki Master ( just one of the modalities I am a part of. ) I don’t speak of this to brag…….I am quite about this part of my life unless I am with like-minded spirits. So much to share of how it was being connected to the universe in a different way when it was thought to be silly, scary etc. Can you guide me to a place, group or person that I can connect with? Would like to be connected to others who share my experience. – Whoever is reading this….Peace and Blessings for your day!

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