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Weird News Weekly – Aug 30th, 2015

BNNS Internet Radio

With Diane Browne -*** newest link is mixcloud (easiest link to use)

The Diversity Broadcasting Network airs the show on Sept 3rd at 8pm ET

Sept 3rd TMV Cafe airs at 9pm ET. They archive shows at itunes.

The Pyramid One Network airs shows on Friday w/ rebroadcasts.

See You On The Other Side - Aug 31st, 2015

with Mike Huberty

Twitter is @othersidetalk and Facebook is

Freedom For All Radio - Sept 4th, 2015

with Jennifer & Jim Ellis

Transcendental Radio - Sept 7th 2015

with Mike Cavalli

Blog talk version had volumes dip in and out a bit at the beginning, that was out of my control, so you might want to use the the version from my website -

The Bob Charles Show - Sept 14th 2015

“The Bob Charles Show”

Download your Show Archive at

Post: Presenting LUIS MINERO Monday September 14th at 6 PM EST USA - Talking about his book

"Demystifying the "OUT OF BODY" EXPERIENCE


All can go to and just click on the Pyramid One Picture

also [email protected]

guest blog page:

Friday, November 20th - Approx 30 Minutes

“The Kovacs Perspective” - interview with Steve Kovacs

Rain Stickland, Executive Producer

[email protected]

“... we created a podcast player that can be embedded on his website ...customized for his colours andeverything, and contains only his episode for The Kovacs Perspective. Here is the embed code, if hewould like to have the interview on his site.”

regular show link:

Friday, November 27th – “A Fine Time for Healing”

with Randi G. Fine

[email protected]

link for interview:

Dec. 17, 2015

with Thomas Savino

direct link to and Luis' appearance on the episode of Savino Veritas

Entrevista sobre vidas pasadas a los profesores Luis Minero y Verónica Serrano