Our mission is to provide assistance by clarifying the multidimensional nature of consciousness and the implications associated with this reality. We accomplish this through our main activities of scientific research paired with classes and workshops aimed at the public.

Our research is multi-disciplinary in nature, drawing on diverse scientific and spiritual sources. We invite and welcome researchers and practitioners from all backgrounds to connect with IAC and help to form a coherent and universally-accessible picture of consciousness and reality. One of the main initiatives in this regard is our International Congress on Consciousness.

One of our key research modalities involves firsthand, personal experiences of multidimensionality followed by rational, objective analysis and cultivation of group consensus.

Our educational style encourages students to think freely and come to their own conclusions through personal experience and rational examination. We aspire to help everyone foster a coherent and mature understanding of multidimensionality, free from indoctrinated or fossilized beliefs.

This spirit of healthy skepticism and personal validation is expressed in our principle:

Be lucid. Questioning everything and everyone. Experiment. Ponder.

You can learn more about IAC and our ethos and methodologies at a Free Introductory Lecture.