​Multidimensional Energetic Field

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7 a 9 de February 2020, at the IAC Campus in Portugal. Limited vacancies.

Course is a 3-day immersion in a specially structured energy field, you will have the possibility to restructure your energy condition through individual energizations that are performed during the course

Why invest in Multidimensional Energetic Field?

It is held once a year at the IAC Campus in Portugal. The energy field helps you balance and unblock your energy, giving you an opportunity to connect with a unique multidimensional environment.
In this course, a strong energetic field is established by an intensification of energiesfrom an energiser instructor, one of the IAC’s most experienced and senior mentors.
The intensification of energies that occurs during the course helps to temporarily fuse the physical and non-physical dimensions, forming a condensation of the energetic dimension. This connection allows the non-physical mentors to come closer to us, and us to them.
This course can induce a powerful energetic unblocking of your energy body, and can predispose you to expand your psychic perceptions. Another benefit is improved mental functioning, the result of synaptic reorganisation brought about by the energetic field itself and specialised non-physical mentors.
The development of the Multidimensional Energetic Field course is supervised and maintained by non-physical mentors (spiritual mentors), primarily through the energies of the epicenter / instructor. Natural energies also contribute, and the rich, abundant and pristine natural energies of the IAC Campus help significantly with this process.

Pre-requisite: you must have completed the Consciousness Development Program (CDP) to participate in this course.

7 to 9 of February 2020
Campus da IAC - Portugal

Purpose and context

Participate in this 3-day energetic immersion retreat with the primary focus of strengthening the connection between your energetic and mental bodies.

Featured activities

The course, transportation (between the hotel and the campus during the course), 2 nights accommodation in a shared room (or single room, for a €50 supplement), plus all meals from dinner on Friday to lunch on Sunday.


Consciousness and energy

Classes on the foundations of consciousness and on the perception, understanding, and control of energy, including details to help optimise and enhance your ability to perform exercises during the class.


Unblocking and balancing 

Initial energetic unblocking, conducted through individual energy work performed directly by senior instructors on each participant.


Interdimensional Fields

(two practical sessions) – further and deeper energetic assistance, with the more direct participation of extraphysical mentors (spirit guides) aiming at revitalisation, energy corrections, de-intrusion, and enhancement of the connection between the brain and the more subtle bodies. Development of clairvoyance and subtle sensing and scanning of extraphysical (nonphysical) energies and more subtle realities.


Q&A sessions

 Two discussion sessions where you can comment on your experiences and perceptions during the energetic field sessions. Our instructors will answer any questions you may have.

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After December 10th


How to get here

Campus IAC is located an hour and a half drive from Lisbon Airport. See map for road trip.

Public transportation is also easily available from Lisbon to Estremoz, the nearest city where you will be staying (15 min from Campus). Find here details about the bus schedule.

Driver services are also available for 140 € per trip to or from the airport.

General information

this course can be attended by participants who have completed any of the following:

- Consciousness Development Program (either in person or online / streaming, including the in-person practice sessions)
- Becoming Intrusion Free
- VIP training
- Qualification in Energosomatics and Energometry

You can contact us at [email protected] or +351 91 8797924

​Campus IAC Lodgings:

IAC offers accommodation for visitors at the Campus. Rooms have privacy and come with a kitchenette with a microwave, minibar, small appliances and utensils for preparing simple meals, breakfast or snacks. Limited vacancies. Note: There is no cafeteria or catering service on campus.

Lodgings of the Region (Estremoz):

Pensão Café Alentejano - Rossio Marques de Pombal, No. 13 a 15 - Telefone: +351 268 337 300

Residencial "O Gadanha" - Largo General Graça, 56 - Telefone: +351 268 339 110

Obras Art - Evoramonte Herdade da Marmeleira - EN 18, km 236 (500 meters from campus) - Telefone: +351 268 959 007

Hotel Imperador - Fonte do Imperador, EN4 - Telefone: +351 268 339 950