The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is a multinational, multicultural, and universalistic non-profit organization. We dedicates to the study and education of the nature of consciousness (self, individual essence), focusing on its non-ordinary abilities and multidimensional.

IAC’s roots date back to 1988, when some of the current IAC team began to organize courses and conduct research on subtle energy and psychic phenomena, which led to establishing an institution to dedicate to the study of out-of-body experience and associated phenomena.

A few years later, this team went on to co-found the IAC in its current form. They established the IAC Campus in Portugal in 2000 to provide the community with structures known as “consciousness laboratories”, which offer ideal conditions for individuals’ self-research.

In 2005 we inaugurated the second consciousness lab, the Projectiolab (Projectarium), which was the first of its kind in the world, with amazing features to facilitate astral projection at will.

Today, in addition to four dedicated consciousness labs, we inaugurated our Virtual Reality lab in 2019, the first VR program aiming at supporting the development of out-of-body experiences.

Since the beginning of its journey, IAC has conducted educational or scientific activities in person in 120 cities, 29 countries, in six continents, in fourteen languages. The geographical scope and cultural diversity of our team members, activities, and students’ nationality are among IAC’s essential characteristics.

In 2000 the ongoing research project known as Projective Field initiated in Evora, Portugal. Preliminary results were published in 2002. Other research projects affiliated to and supported by the IAC were conducted or are in place.

As of 2019, our pedagogical curriculum was composed of 71 courses open to everyone, emphasizing the practical firsthand experience and stimulating lucid questioning. Over 100K people have had contact with the IAC.

Since 1995, the Consciousness Development Program (CDP), our signature course, has been given around the world. The CDP won first place in the Life Transformation category, at the 21st anniversary of the Kindred Spirit Magazine, in the United Kingdom. Previous winners include the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra.

The CDP content has been in constant progress throughout the years; however, in 2020, it went through a bigger update of content, strategy, and resources. The new CDP format is now available on-demand via streaming.

In 1998, the IAC founded its main publication, the Journal of Consciousness (JofC), which was established to be an uncensored forum for the presentation of well-founded research and theories in the area. As of 2013 the JofC, compiles articles by more than 370 researchers from around the world, affiliated with 38 different institutions.

From 2019 the IAC launched its annual alumni event, which gathers students from all over the world for special workshops, unique discussions, advanced classes, outdoor activities, networking, and festivity.

Throughout our history, IAC has strived to promote a platform for discussion and progress of knowledge in the area, having organized a number of events with this purpose. One such example is the ICC series (International Conference on Consciousness). The first conference of this series took place in 2015 at our Campus in Portugal. Scientists, researchers and brilliant minds from multiple disciplines joined their efforts to discuss the establishment of a science of consciousness. It was a pleasant moment of scientific contribution and open dialogue to all participants.

Since 2008 IAC promotes a Global Award for Contribution to the Science of Consciousness aiming at encouraging research and recognizing relevant works in the area. In 2017, renowned scientists in the field, Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, received the IAC Award for Lifetime Achievement.

A pioneer in the ideation and realization of numerous projects in the area, the IAC has been a force that promotes progress, innovation, and open forums of discussion for a non-reductionist science of consciousness and multidimensional reality.