Consciousness Development Program

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The CDP focuses on the conscious experience of astral travel or astral projection as a powerful tool for understanding life and achieving greater self-balance.

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Enrolment in the CDP is currently open for a limited time.

The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) is a very broad, yet deep, program which gives you the opportunity to understand the spiritual world and your abilities beyond the physical body, such as astral travel or astral projection.

The CDP focuses on the conscious experience of astral travel or astral projection as a powerful tool for understanding life and achieving greater self-balance.

The CDP’s exclusive method helps you learn to have an astral projection at will, as well as other essential and very useful tools for evolution, including the understanding and control of your personal energy field

Some of the topics covered in the CDP

The basics:
  • The OBE throughout history
  • Non-physical bodies
  • Bioenergy (chi, prana), chakras and aura
  • Sensations of the separation and return to the body
  • Characteristics of non-physical dimensions
  • Paranormal phenomena
The OBE and related topics:
  • Techniques to achieve lucid astral travel
  • Technique to increase the success rate of recalling your astral projections
  • Techniques to apply bioenergy when projected
  • Techniques to assist someone during the projection
  • Characteristics and parallels between lucid dreams, conscious projections, and common dreams
  • Tips and strategies to control your projections
  • How to act in case of a non-physical (astral) encounter
  • Psychic perceptions
  • Identifying and interacting with non-physical beings
  • Psychic self-defence
  • Further techniques for mastering your parapsychic and energetic development
Beyond OBE
  • Mental projection and liberation of your mental core
  • Cosmoconsciousness (enlightenment, expansion of the consciousness)
  • Lucidity and increase of your awareness
  • Integral maturity as a multidimensional being
  • Multidimensional ethics (cosmoethics)
  • Personal evolution and self-analysis
  • Application of more techniques for your psychic and energetic development
  • Understanding of the types of non-physical beings and how to deal with them during waking life
Evolution and self-determination
  • Karma and past lives
  • Lifeplan or life mission
  • Techniques to accelerate your evolution
  • The period in-between lives
  • Characteristics of highly evolved beings
  • Applying techniques to further develop your psychic and energetic development
  • Know your essence, beyond this physical life
  • Understand and apply astral projection techniques more effectively
  • Increase control over your energy and chakras, achieving greater balance
  • Help identify your life mission and find meaning to your existence
  • Deepen your spiritual development
  • Learn to use time and relate to others with more awareness
  • Identify when other people’s energy (or non-physical beings / spirits) affects you and learn to cleanse your energy field
  • Broaden your self-perspective so as to better analyze your life’s events
  • Strengthen your intimate structure and gain the energetic ability to make changes you consider necessary in your life

Frequently asked questions

Am I ready to participate in the CDP?
The CDP has no pre-requisites. If you are interested and motivated to learn and experience your multidimensional reality, you are warmly invited to attend.

Is the CDP only for learning astral projection?
The scope of the CDP goes beyond astral projection. In order to bring understanding as to why and how a projection can happen, a wide range of information is covered, enlightening you about life, death and the purpose of life; therefore, empowering you to live a happier life.

Can I participate in the CDP in-person?
Yes, you can! In addition to our online program, we have a Retreat version of the CDP. The CDP Retreat happens in the beautiful and peaceful IAC Campus in Portugal, so it allows you to experience much more than the CDP itself, providing you with an opportunity to practice in its exclusive consciousness laboratories. For information, contact [email protected]


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