IAC Membership (Silver)


The IAC Membership gives you a series of discounts and benefits for your spiritual development, including free Energo Fitness sessions to develop and unblock your chakras, substantial discounts on IAC courses and events and more.

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USD $265.00 / year


By becoming a member of the International Academy of Consciousness, you enjoy a series of benefits whilst also supporting our educational projects and consciousness research:


  • Get access to Energo Fitness sessions online every month for free (up to 12 per year)
  • 10% discount for the Consciousness Development Program (CDP) online
  • Participate in the Consciousness Development Program (CDP) again for free once you complete it the first time, for as long as you hold an active and continuous IAC membership (for individual use only – account sharing is not allowed)*
  • 10% discount in all online IAC courses (retreats and other face-to-face courses are excluded, unless otherwise stated)
  • 20% discount when booking sessions at the IAC Campus labs** outside of peak season courses and events (10% otherwise)
  • 10% discount when staying at the IAC Campus lodge outside of peak season courses and events***
  • 10% discount off Evolutionary Mentoring sessions
Note: discounts are applied to the regular price and are not cumulative with other special offers and discounts
* 1) Just for long-term members (meaning, for as long as you’ve held a membership continuously after doing the CDP), 2) Not applicable to the CDP Retreat, 3) If in relation to in-person classes, subject to availability
** Subject to availability
*** Booking required

Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of payment and you will be able to enjoy your privileges as a member in any of the IAC locations around the world.


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