Out-of-body experience laboratory


Among the laboratories at the IAC Research Campus is the Projectarium, a remarkable spherical building with a diameter of 29.5 feet (9 meters). Inaugurated in November 2006, the Projectarium is a space that has been completely optimized for having out-of-body experiences (OBEs, conscious projection, astral travel), with meticulous attention paid to including features known to facilitate the experience. It is the first construction of its type in the world.

During laboratory sessions, the experimenter lies on a suspended platform (surrounded by a safety net) with their head in the center of the spherical building, giving them the sense of being in a void. They then apply a technique with the aim of inducing a lucid out-of-body experience. Results to date have been very encouraging: On the weekend of the Projectarium’s launch, one individual had three lucid exits from the physical body during a 90-minute session, and another had a continuous consciousness experience, an OBE where they transitioned directly from the waking state to being unmistakeably projected with no loss of awareness.

In addition to being an important vehicle for self-research, the Projectarium also aims to be the focal point for a multiplicity of other investigations. Such investigations will be conducted by researchers from the IAC and diverse affiliated organizations, with the objective of enhancing humanity’s understanding of this phenomenon.

The Projectarium aims to harmonize architectural, psychological, energetic and nonphysical elements to reduce environmental stimuli and enhance opportunities for interaction between the physical and non-physical dimensions. The main structure of the Projectarium will be connected to a semi-spherical support building, which will comprise a reception area, monitoring room, and preparation area.

Why have an OBE?
The OBE is an evolutionarily valuable and life-changing experience that provides a unique opportunity to develop multidimensional awareness and holomaturity. Few psychic phenomena raise more questions concerning consciousness and the mind-body relationship. Given that the OBE can be willfully induced, it is the ideal phenomenon for studying and understanding realities beyond the purely physical.


Inside the Projectarium