Self-Research Laboratories

Most IAC educational centers offer specialized self-experimentation laboratories for those interested in furthering their self-knowledge and enhancing their mastery over the entire holosoma (set of four bodies).

The laboratories offered are modeled on the standalone-building laboratories that exist at the IAC Campus, in Evoramente, Portugal.  Those laboratories offer self-experimenters a customized environment for a rich investigation into themselves and their capacities. For a comparison of which laboratories are available in the IAC educational centers vs. which are available at the Research campus, please click here.

In the IAC educational centers, the classroom space is transformed into a self-research laboratory via the use of white curtains and walls (ganzfeld effect), ergonomic furniture, a relaxation area, adjustable lighting, temperature control, and specially themed manuals, all of which serves to optimize self-researchers’ experiences.  The laboratories can be a powerful tool for evolution (personal development), with experimenters frequently reporting deep insights into their personal reality, besides strong or indisputable multidimensional perceptions.  If experimenters wish, after their laboratory session, they may also contribute anonymously to an ongoing IAC research project.

Currently we offer three distinct self-experimentation laboratories, each with its own specific benefits.

Module 2 of the Consciousness Development Program is a prerequisite for taking self-experimentation laboratories.


The 3 laboratories offered in the IAC educational centers are:


Waking Physical Immobility
Duration 3.5 Hours

This technique helps people to overcome agitation and anxiety as well as the usual dominance of the physical sensations that we experience in daily life. Through maintaining immobility for a long period, awareness and attention are gradually shifted from a three-dimensional, physical orientation, and can be expanded to include direct, lucid perceptions of the consciousness’ multidimensional (beyond the physical) reality.  During the experiment, experimenters remain seated in a comfortable recliner chair, maintaining themselves completely immobile yet without sleeping or daydreaming, gazing at a blank white surface in front of them.  The technique is maintained without interruption for a period of three hours. Mastering this technique is often considered a prerequisite for anyone wanting to develop advanced parapsychism.


Vibrational State
Duration 1.5 Hours

The vibrational state (VS) is the most potent, unblocked, and revitalizing energetic state that we can reach.  Although it sometimes occurs spontaneously, it can also be willfully induced through the ‘closed mobilization of energies’ technique, a technique at the absolute core of all IAC’s classes and self-development approaches.  Being able to induce the VS at will is the foundation for developing energetic control, capacity, and sensitivity.  It is also central to developing greater emotional balance, mental acuity, and psychic capacity. Regularly installing the VS also helps us increase our self-awareness, since it cleanses our energetic body (energosoma, holochakra) from outside energetic influences.  That is, by removing the energetic residue from our interactions with others, our mental and emotional patterns typically become more balanced and we become more familiar with our ‘default state’ or range.  As a consequence, we develop more acuity in identifying external patterns or influences.  The VS also provides a host of other benefits, including psychic self-defense.
During this laboratory, self-experimenters apply the ‘closed circuit of energies’ technique with the aim of achieving the VS as many times as possible.  Taking the lab helps experimenters develop better control and awareness of their energetic system.  It also provides insight into the obstacles preventing us from producing strong vibrational states, and how we might overcome them.


Projective Techniques
Duration 2.0 Hours

The out-of-body experience (OBE, conscious projection) can be regarded as the single-most important psychic experience for the orientation and evolution of the self-aware individual.  The implications of the lucid OBE are far-reaching, providing powerful opportunities for contextualizing our existence, transforming or validating our worldview, and catalyzing our growth.
The Projective Techniques laboratory provides an energetically optimized environment for experiencing a lucid take-off from the physical body. Attempts to provoke lucid projections during the lab contribute to a better technical understanding of the projective process, including all the nuances of sensations and mental calibration.  Experimenters also often obtain insights into personal issues or holosomatic (relating to the set of four bodies) aspects that the individual needs to focus on to improve their capacity with this remarkably transformative ability.



All participants must have completed CDP – Module 2



Please call your local IAC educational center to confirm if they offer the laboratory program, and to schedule a laboratory session. Availability is subject to the ongoing class schedule.