International Academy of Consciousness

Terms and Conditions


  1. Participation
    1. All participants must pre-register with payment in order to guarantee a place in our Consciousness Development Program (referred to from now on as CDP).
    2. All CDP Registrations are personal and non-transferable. Enrollment in the online CDP is personal and not transferable; therefore, transmission of the course is exclusively for the person duly enrolled. There is an option to share the course with family members*, and in such cases there is a 15% discount for any additional participant. However, said participant(s) must register in the course as well. This way IAC ensures their participation in any advanced courses with prerequisites. *Family members are defined as relatives in the first degree (parents, siblings, partners or direct descendants who live at the same billing address). For a group discount or for non-family members, contact us directly.
    3. People not recognized/verified as registered, will not be able to access the online course.
    4. Children under the age of 18 must have written parental authorization in order to participate in the Program. When enrolling in a CDP that takes place in person, rather than online, the parent or guardian must accompany any child under the age of 15.  Children under the age of 10 may be allowed to be in the class (depending on the child’s behavior)
    5. IAC reserves the right to refuse any participant at any time, at the sole and internal discretion of the IAC, either prior to enrollment or asking him/her to leave during the program, for reasons deemed justified and reasonable by IAC. These measures are set for the appropriate course flow thus avoiding disruptive or inappropriate behaviors or actions, which may affect the learning environment, the class objective, or preventing participants from taking advantage of the information.
    6. If an enrolled CDP Online participant cannot participate in the Program on the registered date, the IAC must be notified at least five (5) days prior to the start date of the course via email at In this case, the IAC will grant the student the right to participate in a future CDP Online, of their choice. If the participant enrolled for the In-Person CDPand cannot participate on the date for which they enrolled, they must inform the IAC at least seven (7) days in advance. The IAC will grant the right to choose whether to participate in a future CDP Online or wait for a future CDP in person. Participation in either format will be subject to the availability of places in the chosen CDP in question. Note: If the participant, is not able to comply with the prior notification period, due to compelling reasons/circumstances or force majeure, he/she must report this unavailability as soon as possible.  IAC will then analyze the situation and determine a solution accordingly.
    7. In order to take full advantage of the information, participants should not miss any classes in the Program. However, certain absences described in the following item, may be allowed. These missed classes must be made up and only then is it possible to attend the following classes. These exceptions do not apply to the first and second class of the CDP as they are fundamental classes for the Program and are strictly required.
    8. CDP Online: A participant may be absent for up to 2 (two) non-consecutive classes, and remain in that sequence (i.e. with that same cohort of participants).  IAC will grant the possibility to make up for the respective missed classes on the next CDP. Note that each day of the Program equates to 2 classes or, in some days, 2 classes and 1 session of questions and answers. Therefore, if a participant misses an entire day, he/she will not be able to continue in that cohort, since missing this information would compromise the course’s effectiveness. However, IAC will provide the opportunity to attend the missing classes in the next CDP Online. In this case, the participant should inform on which date he/she wishes to take the classes. Participants will have a period of up to 10 (ten) months to take the missed classes, free of charge.
    9. CPD in person: The first five classes will be available by streaming and the following classes and practical exercises will be conducted in person. The participant must be present for 75% of each module and may be absent up to 1 (one) class per module only, in order to stay in the Program (with that cohort of participants). If more than 1 (one) class per module is missed, the participant will not be able to continue in that sequence, especially if theoretical classes were missed, since missing information would compromise the course’s effectiveness. In any case, the IAC will decide on a case by case basis the possibility of granting the reinstatement of the missed classes in a future CDP. In these cases, participants should inform on which date(s) they wish to take the missed classes and must await confirmation. A response to the request will only be possible closer to the date of the new CDP depending on availability. The student has up to 2 (two) months from the date when the class(es) were missed to contact the IAC. Replacement of classes free of charge will not be possible after 6 (six) months from the date the class (es) were missed.
    10. Active IAC members (IAC Membership Program participants) and CDP participants who have completed the CDP may repeat the CDP at a discount of 75%-100% (see more on item 4: About granted discounts).
    11. IAC reserves the right to change the dates and times of the CDP or classes at any time. Such instances will always be exceptions, but if this is the case, all registered participants will be informed via email. The IAC’s online page will keep the updated information for all those interested.
    12. The class schedule will reflect the time zone of the course. To get your local time, please visit to make sure you are on time for the classes.


    1. All content presented during online and in-person activities is the intellectual property of the IAC – International Academy of Consciousness, who is the owner of the copyright registration and is protected by international intellectual property and copyright laws and regulations. The material and images must not be used under any circumstance and for any purpose, in whole or in part, without IAC’s explicit written consent.
    2. IAC does not authorize the recording, by any means, partial or total, of the IAC’s activities, whether online or in person, nor does it authorize the distribution of the course’s material or the sharing of the activity’s link online with anyone.
    3. Those who wish to use the information shared in the course – whether in digital or printed form, in the form of verbal communication in presentations, classes, videos or any other medium – should give credit to the source of the information.
    4. The disclosure or sharing of any personal information related to any participant, instructor, guest speaker or IAC staff, is strictly prohibited.


    1. If IAC cancels the Program prior to its start, registrants may choose to transfer their enrollment to a future CDP or receive a full refund for the amount paid to IAC. Effective immediately, IAC declines any liability which may arise for the participant due to any costs incurred by the participant due to the cancellation of this activity; including but not limited to, hotel reservations and/or other accommodation, transportation, or any other consequential loss or expense.
    2. Participants may cancel and request a full refund (in writing to for their registration within 7 (seven) days after confirmation of payment, as long as the event scheduled start date is at least 2 months from the date the refund request is received by IAC.
    3. Cancellation requests received by the IAC in writing by email at at least 2 calendar months before the event scheduled start date will be refunded in full. Cancellation requests received between 1 and 2 calendar months from the event scheduled start date will be refunded at 50%, and after 1 month from the event scheduled start date there will be no refunds under any circumstance.
    4. Participants who are asked to leave the Program as defined in clause 1(e) above will not be reimbursed neither in part nor in whole.
    5. The IAC will grant a credit to those who have attended at least 1/3 (one third) of the Program (excluding versions where accommodation and other costs are included), and who cannot continue with the cohort they’re enrolled in for reasons of force majeure. The credit will correspond to the value of the remaining and non attended classes, minus the amount of 20% (twenty percent). This credit may be used for future IAC events, except immersion courses which involve accommodation and food on the premises, or activities with a limited number of places. Note: IAC reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice.
    6. No refunds are possible for cancellations due to force majeure (e.g. terrorist attacks, global events, strikes, natural disasters, etc) and the IAC will evaluate each case on its own merits and try to postpone the  events and use some or all of the payments received as credit for those new events. This will be confirmed when required and at each affected event.


    1. IAC reserves the right to grant or deny any discount by internal and non-disclosable criteria.
    2. Active IAC members (Membership Program Participants) who have already completed the full CDP can apply to repeat the CDP at no cost (100% off). For online courses, the student’s identity will be checked at the beginning of the class. For face-to-face courses, this offer is subject to the availability of spaces for this category. Contact your local IAC to enroll in the waiting list if need be. This discount is not available for intensive / accelerated courses or retreats.
    3. For participants who have completed the full CDP and wish to participate in it again, the IAC will grant a 75% discount on the total program amount. IAC reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice. Notes: For online courses, the student’s identity will be checked at the beginning of class. For face-to-face courses, this offer is subject to the availability of spaces for this category. Contact your local IAC to enroll in the waiting list if need be. This discount is not available for intensive / accelerated courses or retreats.
    4. Full-time students are entitled to a student discount off the program’s regular price. The interested party should send proof of their active student status to, such as a valid student identification and/or proof of current attendance at a valid and accredited educational institution, stating they are full-time students.
    5. Other exceptions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
    6. Discounts are not cumulative.


    1. For all online activities, participants must guarantee, on their own account, the technological resources necessary to participate (example: compatible computer / tablet / cell phones, internet available with the speed and minimum stability required for this type of use). IAC will not be responsible for classes missed due to technical problems under the responsibility of the participants.
    2. The online platform used to transmit the program may use cookies that can store information in the user’s browser. Participants can deactivate this option in their browser’s settings; however, its deactivation can affect the availability of some resources during the class. The IAC does not provide any technological support for the participants’ equipment.
    3. Some online CDP classes are live, with the teacher present in real time, and will not be recorded for later viewing.Online participation is a crucial part of the course.
    4. By submitting a registration, participants agree that IAC may contact them by e-mail to be informed of IAC events, as well as newsletters. The user may cancel the receipt of these emails at any time. Emails will be sent sporadically, usually no more than two a month, however services or notifications will be sent as needed. Examples of such communications are: enrollment confirmations, date change information, class schedule reminder, payment requests and/or others.
    5. As part of the registration process to our newsletter, as well as registration control and participation in the CDP, we have to collect some necessary personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use your data.
    6. By submitting your registration, you are in full agreement with the above-mentioned terms and conditions.


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