The International Academy of Consciousness is an education and research organization dedicated to investigating consciousness and human exceptional experiences.

We believe that everyone can find the inspiration and strength to make a difference. By experiencing first-hand the spiritual world, we can address the mindsets at the root of many of today’s personal and social problems.

We want to equip people to reinvent themselves and dare to create the world they dream of, because the grasp of one’s mind determines how far one can reach.

Promoting awareness and spiritual connectedness emancipates individuals so they can fully know themselves and achieve greater self-determination.

We share knowledge and teach subtle energy and astral travel techniques to empower every person to seek their truth by themselves. 

At IAC we seek to continuously examine psychic phenomena and expand our body of knowledge in a transcendental yet down-to-earth manner.

Besides our signature course, the Consciousness Development Program (CDP), we have a curriculum of over 70 advanced and thematic courses. We strive to focus on the practical applications of the knowledge we teach, encouraging direct personal experiences and stimulating lucid questioning. IAC proposes the principle:

Be Lucid.
Question everything and everyone.

IAC training has been pivotal to many individuals who work in the area, who have been trained by the IAC or gathered in the IAC the knowledge they teach.

We have a Campus established in an area of ​​100,000 m² (25 acres) nestled among native cork and oak tree groves in the bucolic Alentejo region of Portugal. It provides an optimized infrastructure for scientific conferences, courses, workshops, and retreats. 

A key feature of the Campus is its innovative consciousness laboratories, each designed to provide an ideal environment for self-experimentation on specific psi phenomena. 

The IAC Campus library has a collection of over 35,000 books in the areas of ​​anomalous phenomena and consciousness. Its main conference hall has state-of-the-art technology, a professional booth for simultaneous translation, and other carefully designed features to provide the best conditions for various events.

Our work is based on scientific precepts and aims to deepen human knowledge in a non-reductionist paradigm, centered on consciousness. The IAC’s academic objective is to contribute to create interdisciplinary bridges and help build a Multidimensional consciousness science for freethinkers.

Our humanitarian objective is to serve as a catalyst for individual evolution, by clarifying the multidimensional nature of consciousness and all its implications. 


Our values: we value non-dogmatic learning and apply the highest level of integrity and ethics in our work.


Our vision: we envision a society where every person has spiritual awareness and freedom of thought.