"(...) My daughter only knows English and French, but she spoke in French, Greek, Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Hungarian, and many indigenous dialects (...)"

(Account of Judith Edmonds, who was President of the New York Senate around 1857, with respect to experiences of her daughter, Laura Edmonds, a medium who displayed xenoglossy and was part of studies by Nobel Laureate Charles Richet that were cited by Ernesto Bozzano in the work Polyglot Mediumship, London, 1932).

"(...) Suddenly, I completely separated from my physical body as if a great force had pulled me up in the air. I floated horizontally in my room among a concentration of colors as they became gradually dense and seemed to absorb and imitate the physical environment all around."

(Excerpt from a lucid projection reported by Christoph Sackl in The out-of-body experience, an Experimental Anthology, edited by Rodrigo Montenegro, published by IAC, 2015)

(...) As I climbed, I saw some more nurses running into the room – there must have been around twelve of them... I continued to rise going beyond the lamp – I saw him sideways and very clearly - and then I stopped, floating just below the ceiling, looking down. I felt almost like a piece of paper that someone had blown up until it reached the ceiling."

(Excerpt from a near-death experience, reported by a lady in the book Life After Death by Gary Doore, Aeschylus Publisher, 2005)

Are human beings really able to have extra-sensory perceptions, that is, those perceptions of phenomena and events that occur beyond the physical, material reality? According to the above reports, and a very extensive range of research publications in this area, these phenomena and capacities have been studied since ancient times and appear to be present in various cultures, societies, and, in general, throughout the planet.

Why does that happen?

According to studies conducted by the IAC, International Academy of Consciousness, and others the evolutionary principle or consciousness, that can also be called ego, being, spirit, etc operates in a physical, palpable reality, evident to the senses, but also has the ability to manifest in other non-material realities with different energy patterns from those observed in ordinary experiences.

Thus, we can model at least 4 vehicles of manifestation that allow a person to act in different dimensions. The most noticeable and recognizable is the physical body, in our case, human, with its own forms and characteristics of the human biological condition. With the physical body, the human has developed the senses for this condition; the basic senses are: hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell.

However there are other more elaborate senses like fullness or plenitude, thermoception, synesthesia, magnetic sense, sense of balance, nociception or the ability to feel pain, and proprioception or sense of the body location in space.

And when one has the perception of something that does not originate in the material reality? We call those senses psychic or psi. In the above examples we have mediumship, conscious projection (OBE) and a fragment of a near death experience (NDE). Other examples of psi phenomena are telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, premonition, precognition, retrocognition, psychophony, psychography, materialization, and telekinesis.

Sometimes people detect odors that have no noticeable physical or pathological psychiatric origin, hear sounds, music or even voices that do not come from the surroundings, but rather, seem to originate from unidentifiable sources at that time.

As noted above, the fact that there are different bodies that the consciousness may use to interact with the various environments and energies, enables the same to develop these even more complex sensibilities than those it has already developed in human experience. In principle, every human being seems to be somewhat psychic and has this intrinsic ability.

The most sensitive people have developed this ability throughout its evolution and those who do not have this ability, have not yet had the opportunity to apply will, time and techniques for this development. Knowledge and self-awareness in relation to these tools allows people to understand them and master them, so they can become psychically active and lucid with these capabilities.

One of the phenomena that can be developed and matured by any human being and that can be of great practical use in the life of a person is lucid out of the physical body, the call out of body experience that has been widely reported and studied over several decades.

The development of lucid projectability, as well as other forms of psi development, can enable anyone to acquire a level that allows them to detect, use, mature and master their vehicles of manifestation as well as their energy capabilities.

In the previously described condition, personally-experienced, self-controlled and self-matured psychic becomes absolutely real to the person. In this case, we can say that psychics are an undeniable reality to those who experience psi phenomena.