The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is a non-profit, independent, non-dogmatic organization dedicated to multidimensional consciousness science and education for freethinkers.

IAC’s body of knowledge is organized as a new science called conscientiology, which simply means “consciousness-ology,” or the science that studies the consciousness. A primary area of research within conscientiology is the study of multidimensional (spiritual, non-reductionist, extraphysical) awareness and personal growth. Hence, IAC is dedicated to teaching people to understand and have out-of-body experiences and other psi experiences. These experiences offer a high level of transformative value and provide the participant with the ability to further their level of self-knowledge.

IAC has two main focuses:

Investigating consciousness in an integral manner, taking into account facets such as psychic abilities and subjective phenomena.
Providing information and training, based on these investigations, in order to help people to increase their self-awareness, develop their innate potential, and establish a better understanding of their multidimensional reality.

Here you will learn more about IAC and its standpoint in terms of science and anti-dogmatic policy, pioneering initiatives, ethical standards, research projects, curriculum, body of researchers, and much more.

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