The term déjà vu, is an original French word which translates to “already seen, already tried.” The phenomena can also be referred to as: projective déjà vu. It is the unconscious knowledge of having previously seen or met a person, visited a certain place, or experienced a situation which the participant has in fact never seen, been to, or experienced before while in the physical waking state. The experience however, has been experienced by the projected person during a lucid or semi-lucid consciential projection or OBE. The déjà vu experience is usually followed by a convincing sensation of familiarity.

Déjà vu generally refers to things already seen, but it is not actually restricted to visual perception since we can perceive the previously loved, heard, thought, felt, lived, smelt, etc.

Common déjà vu occurs in the ordinary physical waking state when a person unquestionably recognizes a place or a person which was in fact visited or seen by the individual during an astral projection. In other words, the person may have projected previously and seen the place or person. However, upon the return to the body, the experience may have been forgotten but not erased. So, when the person has a physical encounter with the person/place previously seen, he/she may sense the familiar energies already perceived.  Hence the sense of familiarity, but no exact reference about it.

Another example which illustrates déjà vu is when a person is enthusiastically planning their next holiday. One week before traveling the person has a projection to the place which will be visited but does not remember the projection. When finally reaching the destination physically, the person has the sensation of already knowing the place. The sensation is not wrong,they actually do know the place, since they have previously visited in a projected state (during an OBE).

Past life déjà vu , is a related phenomena frequently generated from a memory stemming from a past life.  Let’s say the person lived in Italy in a past life and was a farmer who sold vegetables in the local town’s market. Now in this life, the person visits the very same market as a tourist. While being surrounded by the energies of the place, the person may feel a sense of familiarity even of “homecoming”. Physically it all feels inexplicable because there is no real “connection” to the place. However, an energetic and karmic connection definitely exists!

Déjà vu seems to be a very common phenomenon. According to studies carried out on the subject, 70% or more of the population confirms to have experienced this sensation at some point in time.

While analyzing these experiences it is necessary to take into account that certain alterations in our memory can generate false déjà vu experiences.  Amongst these is paramnesia, mental fatigue, certain organic intoxications and mental illnesses. You want to be discerning while studying your own experiences in order to reach the best conclusions. The more you know and research, the better your conclusions will be.

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