What are Chakras and How do they Work?

The word chakra is an ancient term referring to the spinning vortexes of your body’s natural subtle energy system. We can think of Chakras as subtle organs of your energetic body (etheric double). They play a role in spiritual/psychic development as well as in other phenomena, like astral projections and clairvoyance. Chakras are interconnected via channels like the nadis or the acupuncture meridians. Visually, a chakra can resemble a cone pointing towards the body. The word chakra literally means “wheel”’ in Sanskrit.

There are seven primary chakras and hundreds, if not thousands, of progressively smaller ones. Each one is linked to a specific part of the body. The chakras work as energy processors/ concentrators, each with a unique role. For example, the root chakra connects you to the earth’s energy, while the crown chakra connects you to the cosmos and higher dimensions.

When the main chakras are balanced (i.e. unblocked and active), energy flows freely through the whole body thus allowing for a better performance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

By developing the chakras, you can also gain or expand non-physical perception and abilities, like clairvoyance, clairaudience and producing out-of-body experiences with lucidity and recollection.


What is a blocked or unbalanced chakra?

A chakra is unbalanced when the energy is either going through too fast or too slow. Sometimes the energy’s speed can even slow down to a trickle.

Learning how to  , its location and function is crucial. Once you do,  you can open, balance and energize each one and get them to a healthy harmonized state.

What can cause a chakra to dysfunction?

Chakras can be affected by internal and/or external factors. Some dysfunctions can be temporary while others can last longer. In most cases, chakra imbalances are caused by emotions. Specifically if these are persistent and not positive. In other instances, chakras can be affected by environments or other people’s dissonant energies.

How do I know if a chakra is blocked?

There are many gadgets and tools out there which can allegedly help you identify chakra imbalances.  However, these are generally not recommended. You want to avoid a dependency on instruments of any kind to diagnose chakras or anything else relating to subtle energies. There are techniques you can learn to improve your own perception. Self-observing and diagnosing techniques like the VELO   can help with your control of subtle energies, as well as diagnose and balance your chakras on your own. .

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Where are the 7 main chakras located?

1 – The root chakra (or sexochakra) is in the perineum, pointing downward.

2 – The spleen chakra is on your left side over the spleen, just under the lowest rib.

3 – The solar plexus (umbilicochakra) is over the abdomen, midway between the navel and the tip of the breastbone.

4 – The heart chakra (cardiochakra) is in the middle of the chest area, in line with the actual heart, over the breastbone.

5 – The throat chakra (laringochakra) is in the throat, just over the voicebox.

6 – The third eye (frontochakra) is in the middle of the forehead, about an inch above the eyebrow line.

7 – The crown chakra (coronochakra) is on top of the head, pointing upwards

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