The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) is the IAC’s signature course for helping individuals to understand who they are beyond the physical body, how to have an out of body experience with control and lucidity, and many deep topics related to psychic abilities and the evolution of the consciousness. The coursework includes comprehensive theory and practical techniques to experience a greater reality encompassing consciousness, energy, and realities of a non-physical context.

The program is 30+ hours long and includes theory and practical classes, to put into practice the out-of-body experience techniques explained in class under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor. Each class includes a practical energy exercise. You can do it online or in person.

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About the Program

The CDP provides comprehensive, high-quality information on several topics, including:

  • A rational approach to spirituality and consciousness which will empower you to participate and learn about these topics with maturity and critical thinking.
  • Multidimensional reality, or the broader ecosystem of energy, consciousness, and evolution in which our physical dimension operates.
  • Cosmoethics, or factors for determining the correct personal conduct in this reality and all possible realities.
  • Energy, or the basic informational building-block of reality, and how we shape it and are shaped by it.
  • Your intimate life plan and strategies to fulfill your purpose and spiritual commitments in this life.

The CDP will provide direct, practical techniques imparting several benefits, including:

  • Developing awareness and control of your energy system.
  • Activating and unblocking your chakras and energy system.
  • Remaining lucid during the transition outside of your physical body.
  • Sharpening lucidity and clarity during your out-of-body experiences (often mistaken for unusually lucid dreams).
  • Cultivating resilience and fortitude in the face of ill, imbalanced, or toxic energies that may frequently afflict your emotional or mental states.
  • Expanding and solidifying your innate condition of peacefulness, balance, and well-being.

To better understand the CDP, below are some common questions and answers about the program.

Am I ready to take the CDP? The CDP has no pre-requisites. If you are interested and motivated to learn and experience, you are warmly invited to attend.

Can I take the CDP online? Yes, you can! In addition to our in-person program, we have an online version. The only difference between the two is that the practical exercises are applied at home as homework, instead of in the classroom, and discussed in the following class with an instructor online.

Who teaches the CDP? Our instructors have undergone a rigorous and long-term training process to be qualified. They have all had out-of-body experiences (some since childhood, others more recently, and all with an emphasis on the lucid control of the experience). The International Academy of Consciousness has trained many instructors over the last few decades and will continue to offer training courses and certifications for professionals who wish to take their classes to the next level.

Is there a self-paced learning option for the CDP? Yes! You can do part of the course online, on demand… And then some classes live online with instructors to allow for deep discussions to answer your questions and clarify your doubts. This allows students to ask questions and interact directly with the instructor, no matter how they take the CDP.

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Where can I learn more about the CDP? If you would like to learn more before registering to attend the CDP, you can start by checking out our Free Introductory Webinar.